Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SNP revival... in the polls

A sensational surge! A storm back! A whisker!
An Ipsos MORI poll:
With the Holyrood election now under three months away, the latest poll from Ipsos MORI reveals a significant reversal in fortunes for the two main parties, with the SNP now holding a slight advantage, having been 10 points behind Labour in November 2010. Among those certain to vote on May 5th, the SNP’s share of the vote now stands at 37%, up by 6 percentage points since November 2010. In the same period, Labour’s share of the vote has fallen by 5 percentage points and is currently at 36%, while the Scottish Conservatives and Scottish Liberal Democrats are largely unchanged at 13% and 10% respectively. This is first time since February 2010 that an Ipsos MORI poll has shown a lead for the governing SNP

Most interesting thing for me is that the Scottish Conservatives and Liberal Democrats standing has remained unchanged over quite a rough period- they have collectively hit rock-bottom, only way is up? Secondly, whatever happens and barring a miracle, there is going to be a minority administration or even a coalition needing the support of the UK's governing parties- that's going to make things very interesting...


Chris said...

The SNP got their Budget with Condem help, and Plaid and Labour are kicking off in Wales, Could be that the Coalition are preparing to take their Westminster show on the road

The Aberdonian said...

As Curtice said on Newsnight Scotland, we will have to see if the next poll to see if there is a trend. But on the face of it, good news if only as Labour was leading by doing nothing and relying on the donkey/monkey vote to get them in.

Not sure where the apparent surge came from. Maybe Labour has been damaged the Lockerbie revelations. The SNP might have been London Labour's patsies over the affair but Scottish Labour either looks stupid (for being kept out of the loop) or decietful (for saying one thing and doing another over serious issue).

Will wait to the next poll which I expect will appear at the weekend if not before----