Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wrong blanket coverage

Check out the patient's shirt in this cartoon from last week's Economist:

But as the NHS was ripped apart by a dodgy surgeon wielding a rusty scalpel blade over decade ago... shouldn't that blanket be relabelled "EHS"?


The Aberdonian said...

Good Morning O'Neil

Off topic I know, but I thought I should alert you that the Manx Nats are on the march and are imbedded in the Manx government!

More foe and than friend - sounds more like something from SF than SNP! What would you say if a SNP or PC minister came out with that sort of language?

Surely it is time to cut the Manx down to size and strip them of their fiscal autonomy?

I am sure you will denounce the minister's statement.

O'Neill said...

Warning duly noted and the gunboat is on its way!

(any chance of that post you promised me re IOM??!)

The Aberdonian said...

I remembered at the weekend that I still owed you the Crown Dependencies article.

Yeah,the Hon Anthony "call me Tony" Brown, sparkie to the people (HM Chief Minister of the Isle of Man)was a bit embaressed by the remarks. He said his minister was relecting a personal view and not that of the Manx government.