Friday, January 21, 2011

Seen Elsewhere 21/01/2011

House of Lords: Debate on Britishness (pdf) (June 2008)

Alex Salmond: "Back my budget or I resign"

"No holds ‘bard’ on Rabbie Burns"
"The fact that he (Burns) fathered 13 children by various women seems to be a source of national pride; although one dreads to think what his payments to the Child Support Agency would have been, if such a sterling government agency had been around in those days.

But (and, obviously, I didn’t mention this during my speech on Saturday night) I still don’t really get why the Scots make such a fuss of Burns.

After all, we English boast far more, and far better, poets and writers than him."

The system where no one takes the blame: Owen Polley
The wonders of devolved government, N.Irish style.

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