Thursday, December 9, 2010

A V-sign to Westminster's latest attempt at constitutional vandalism

This idea is catching on...
On the 5th May 2011 the UK Government will ask us ''Do you want the United Kingdom to adopt the 'alternative vote' system instead of the current 'first past the post' system for electing Members of Parliament to the House of Commons?''

There are far more pressing issues that the Government should be consulting us on but do not, it's time for a Vendetta on AV in protest at this denial of democracy.

Mission:To encourage a mass protest on 5th May 2011

Description:A V-sign to Westminster is a campaign to persuade the voters of England to spoil their AV referendum ballot papers in protest at the UK Government's refusal to grant us referendums on the issues that we actually want referendums on, namely: Our membership of the EU and the creation of an English parliament
Like the Scottish version, I don't (obviously) agree with the originators' ultimate aims but the salient point here is that the AV referendum is attempting to deal with a topic which is the very least of our constitutional worries at the minute.

According to Political Betting's most recent aggregation here, 44% "don't know, don't care" about the referendum, a clear winner over those committed one way or the other. It would be an excellent message to send to the political elite if on the day the percentage of "spoilt" ballots received continued that trend.

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