Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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30 Nov 10

1. "A new generation for Scotland": Progressonline

"Salmond is the last of the old pre-devolution generation of leaders. It's time for common sense Scots to call time on his old style of politics. Let's use St Andrew's Day to celebrate Scottish common sense and hail a new politics for Scotland"

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2. Report on English Speaking Union debate: ‘This house believes that an English Parliament is the last hope for a United Kingdom’

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3. Gerry Adams' "Uniting Ireland" Tour hits Monaghan

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4. "The DUP is out to destroy us": Elliott

5. "Nats get new powers despite taxing times for Salmond": Alan Cochrane

6. Political Betting: the betting on next year's Holyrood elections

"... many of the SNP gains in 2007 on huge swings resulting in tiny majorities, in almost all cases far below the average of 2000 spoilt votes per seat will return to Labour and the LibDems will lose out in places like Dunfermline which swung back so heavily to Labour in May."

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thedissenter said...

On the 'SF 'Bridging Communities' will be a report claiming money for someone for pet projects. Meantime, policy on the never never useful for the vote (south) for the forthcoming election.

Very amused at the independent economist opinion that "Michael also pointed out that an end to partition would see the north become part of an economy which would have the fiscal powers currently denied it." So that would be outside the EU then?