Thursday, November 25, 2010

The "Don't cares" are looking strong

Despite the compulsory incessant whinging...
(Labour's)nearest rivals are the Conservatives and Assembly coalition partners Plaid Cymru, both tied on 21%. Plaid has made no progress since October but the Tories are up 2%
Good and bad news on the referendum front:
...but less than half of people plan to vote Yes in the March referendum on full law-making powers, according to the latest opinion poll.
It'll be interesting to see if more than 50% decide to vote at all:
Just 48% of people want to see the next wave of devolution that could be triggered by the referendum – down from 52% in October.
Good news it's falling but I'm guessing even with the high amount of "don't know"s and "couldn't give a toss about the place"s (22%) that 19% difference is to high a mountain to climb?
However, only 30% have decided to vote No...
Still, even with the weight of the self-serving Political and Media Establishment on its side, the "Yes" camp is only delivering 48%? They can't surely be overly delighted with that figure or, more importantly, the wave of tangible apathy on the part of Welsh electorate?

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