Friday, November 19, 2010

Arise Lord Empey, thanks for erm...

I was second guessing last night Sir Reg had missed out on the peerage handout today. I'd added up the figures and had calculated that unless he'd been included as a Conservative, then he'd blown it with his Mr Beanesque management of the UUP end of the UCUNF.

He has, funnily enough (more on that later) however been created a Conservative peer:

Conservative Party

•Tariq Ahmad – businessman and former Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party

•Sir Robert Balchin DL - Pro-Chancellor of Brunel University

•Elizabeth Berridge – Director of the Conservative Christian Fellowship

•Sir Michael Bishop CBE – career in civil aviation, Chairman of The Michael Bishop Foundation a charitable foundation

•Alistair Cooke OBE – career in education, authorship and politics

•Sir Patrick Cormack – former Conservative MP

•Michael Dobbs – author, presenter and adviser to Margaret Thatcher and John Major

•Robert Edmiston – businessman and charity campaigner

•Sir Reg Empey OBE – Leader of the Ulster Unionist Party 2005 – 2010

• Andrew Feldman – businessman and Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party

•Julian Fellowes DL – actor, novelist, film director and screenwriter

•Stanley Fink – Chief Executive of International Standard Asset Management and Chairman of Earth Capital LLP. Treasurer of the Conservative Party

•Howard Flight – career in finance; held various positions in Conservative Shadow Cabinet, Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party 2004 -2005

•David Gold – senior litigation partner at Herbert Smith LLP

•Michael Grade CBE – past Chief Executive of Channel 4 Television and former Executive Chairman of ITV plc

•Rachael Heyhoe-Flint OBE DL – past captain of England women’s cricket team, currently public relations and sports marketing consultant

•Anne Jenkin – charitable and political work for the Conservative Party

•Sir Michael Lord – former Conservative MP and former Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons

•Rt Hon David Maclean – former Conservative MP; held a number of Ministerial posts; Opposition Chief Whip 2001 – 2005

•George Magan – career in finance; former Conservative Party Treasurer and Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party Foundation

•Sir Bernard Ribeiro CBE FRCS – retired Consultant General Surgeon; member of the Health Policy Research Advisory Board of the American College of Surgeons

•Fiona Shackleton LVO – lawyer specialising in family law

•Richard Spring – former Conservative MP

•Tina Stowell MBE – former Head of BBC corporate Affairs; past Deputy Chief of Staff to William Hague as Leader of HM Opposition

•Nicholas True CBE – past Deputy Head of the PM’s Policy Unit; former Private Secretary to the Leader of the Opposition in the House of Lords; Leader of Richmond Borough Council

•Patience Wheatcroft – Editor-in-Chief of the Wall Street Journal Europe

•Gordon Wasserman – internationally recognised expert on management of police forces

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Anonymous said...

And so has Alistair Cooke, the Conservative Party's Official Historian (ex QUB, author on unionism and assistant to Airey Neave)(

Alistair Cooke, OBE, is a political historian who has spent most of his career in the central organisation of the Conservative Party. A graduate of Peterhouse, Cambridge, he taught and researched modern British and Irish history at Queen's University, Belfast, before becoming political adviser to Airey Neave, Conservative Spokesman on Northern Ireland, from 1977 to 1979.

He was first Assistant, and then Deputy, Director of the Conservative Research Department from 1983 to 1997 and Director of the Conservative Political Centre, the Party's educational wing responsible for coordinating political discussion in constituencies, from 1988 to 1997.

Between 1997 and 2004 he was General Secretary of the Independent Schools Council. Since then he has worked as a consultant to the Conservative Research Department and editor of its written work. Alistair Cooke has written quite extensively (though by no means exclusively) about the history of the Conservative Party, and edited a vast amount of material - manifestos, policy documents, pamphlets and seven volumes in the Research Department's series of Campaign Guides - for the Party over the last twenty-five years.

Alistair Cooke launched his most recent book, A Gift from the Churchills: The Primrose League 1883-2004, at the Carlton Club at the end of July 2010. He published Tory Policy-Making: The Conservative Research Department 1929-2009 in November 2009. He is the author of A Party of Change: A Brief History of the Conservatives and Tory Heroine: Dorothy Brant and the Rise of Conservative Women, both of which were published in 2008. They followed a history of the Carlton Club (2007) which led to his appointment as the Club's official historian and archivist. He is historical consultant to the Conservative Party Archive. He is also President of the Northern Ireland Schools Debating Competition.

He has reviewed history books for The Daily Telegraph, for the Northern Ireland magazine Fortnight, and for academic journals. He is an obituarist for a number of national newspapers. His letters, usually on historical subjects, appear frequently in the national press.

Alistair Cooke lives in a large library in Pimlico, London surrounded by royal and political memorabilia.
Other Publications
As Author

* Tory Policy-Making: The Conservative Research Department 1929 - 2009
* (with Sir Charles Petrie) The Carlton Club 1832-2007
* (with John Vincent) The Governing Passion: Cabinet
* Government and Party Politics in Britain 1885-86
* (with others) Making Unionism Positive A Party of Change: A Brief History of the Conservatives
* Ulster: The Origins of the Problem
* Ulster: The Unionist Options