Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why wait?

Confirming the inevitable:
PRIME MINISTER David Cameron and Ulster Unionist Party leader Tom Elliott yesterday agreed that the formal alliance between the two parties is over, saying that “it is not acceptable in its current form”.

Mr Elliott has been dismissive of the relationship since becoming party lead, while some Northern Ireland Conservatives complained that the UUP made little effort to make it work.
Mr Elliott's contribution to the destruction of the alliance goes a bit deeper than that "dismissive attitude" since he has become leader; throwing his personal weight behind the (Protestant) "Community" candidate in FST was the final, resounding death-knell for the project.

That being the case, why Cameron is continuing to bother with this, I really don't know:
"David was very positive about his desire to continue the link, and we agreed that there are many opportunities which flow from such a relationship."

"We have agreed to independently consider the potential for progression, before coming together again at the end of this month to discuss this matter further,” the UUP leader declared."
There's nothing whatsoever left for the Conservatives at a local or national level in this relationship, a simple: "Thank you (I think) and goodbye" would have sufficed.


Anonymous said...

Yes agreed it would have been better to formally end it now but the UUP leadership pleaded to be given a few weeks to come up with a proposal.
The Conservatives know there is nothing the UUP can come up with that would interest them - after all thenUUs have no MPs and in dire financial straits and worst of all with Corporal Elliott in charge they are losing any good people they have.

Dilettante said...

*Awaits news of active Conservative headhunting campaign from the liberal UUP wing.*

tony said...

I'm not quite sure who comes off worse from this whole really was quite embarressing Oneil.