Friday, October 1, 2010

Quote of the day

Too poetic for Iain Gray to have come up with it himself:
"Today is one of these clear mornings when you feel like you can see for miles. So where does the First Minister now look for his arc of prosperity today? Australia? New Zealand, The Basque country? Iceland, or Ireland?

“Everyone knows we would have tipped over the edge on which Ireland teeters today. Alex Salmond is the last man in Scotland not to realise that his obsession with independence is, daft, deluded, deranged and downright dangerous."
Possibly one alliterated "d" too many there, but still a good one.


tony said...

Hmm the Herald report is quite a dry one, hardly illuminating. In actual fact during that debate at Holyrood Salmond spanked Grey sideywiys, even by their usual standards. Even the ever willing unionist media commentaters afterwards put it kindly for Gray that he did not have a good day. And these guys have strangely been talking Grey up for yonks without any real substance. I can only imagine this reporter is a die hard.

Point of fact Salmond and the SNP have talked up succesful independent nations whomever they were. At present there aren't too many of them............the UK included. What we cannot ignore is our immediate neighbours across the north sea in Norway who but for the grace of the union is perhaps where we could be at least.

O'Neill said...

Well, you know I have a low opinion of Gray but he must have at least one little helper with a better grasp of what needs to be done and said.

Daithí said...

Tá Gaeilge agam agus léim an blag seo uaireanta. Is maith an t-eolas a fheictear anseo.

O'Neill said...


Check today's elsewhere list and when you find that Unionist point him in this direction;)