Friday, October 1, 2010

Elsewhere 09/30/2010

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Dilettante said...

Gods - maybe Welsh being voluntary has failed to create a bilingual society because the majority of pupils don't choose to learn it?

O'Neill said...

Oh, I don't know Dilettante- French being compulsory in schools pre 2004 was certainly successful in making us a nation of bilinguists;)

Once again, ideology trumps commonsense- best way to turn kids off a subject is to tell them they have to do it.

tony said...

labour are liars and ulster unionists purge anyone who is slightly left of Genghis this news?

Seriously, yir jaiket must have been on a shoogly nail Oneil considering that some of your views are positively sensible and oh so liberal.

Again the SNP show itself to be a sensible part of government by seeking to utilise the best options over the present status quo and by ridding itself of baggage that it does not need. We know the media will stil repeat the endless "SNP will eat yir weans" ad nauseum.

O'Neill said...

And here's me including that last one (about Labour's membership) purely for your benefit!

I've started putting these links up because they interested me, they're connected with the theme of the blog and with them usually being a bit of the beaten track (If you're a regular reader of The Dunoon and Argyllshire Observer, I do apologise;)) I thought the regulars might otherwise miss them.

My bias will obviously creep through but I don't intend it to be simply a daily Unionist propaganda sheet, so if you and others have interesting articles pop them in the comments and I'll add them to the update.

tony said...

Good man! I always knew that early pro Unionist hypocritical stuff wasn't just weren't much good at it ;¬)

Are you going to blog on the nations cup?

O'Neill said...

Which one? The 5 Nations or that Carling thing in Dublin next year? The rugby definitely not, the Carling possibly although it's not a concept that fills me with excitement at the minute.