Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Old Firm increase their dominance

For the SNP and Scottish Labour, read "Rangers" and "Celtic"; so far ahead of the rest of the pack, the rest might as well pack up their boots and go home:
The SNP has significantly closed the gap on Labour following the launch of the party's 2011 election campaign at its annual conference last weekend.

The poll puts the SNP on 34% in the constituency vote, against 40% for Labour, 14% for the Conservatives and 8% for the Lib Dems. On the regional vote the SNP has increased to 31% against 36% for Labour, 15 for the conservatives and 8 for the Lib Dems.
Which makes the Conservatives, the "Aberdeen" of Scottish politics. Allegedly once, waaay back in the mists of time, a power to be reckoned with north of the border, they even nicked the odd title off Labour and the SNP.
Now would be inordinately pleased next May if they avoided relegation to oblivion (aka the Scottish Division One).

Leaving the Lib Dems. Constantly being patronised and laughed at by fans of the Big Two but essentially harmless and, well, pointless (in both accepted meanings of the word).
Partick Thistle?


Chekov said...

If only the Scottish Conservatives showed as much contempt for the SNP as Aberdeen show for Rangers. ;-)

O'Neill said...

There was a period when quite few of the Rangers supporters clubs boycotted Pittodrie because of the hassle they were consistently getting there.

Pushing the metaphor, Annabel would have been offering cups of tea and digestives instead of doing her duty and clumping them over the heads with bottles of Buckfast!