Saturday, October 2, 2010

Calling all Conservative Conference attendees and/or(!) Irish Speakers

Can anyone planning to attend any of the following meetings at next week's Conservative Conference please drop a note in the comments or preferably send me an email?

.Can The Conservatives Stop The BNP?: How to prevent the BNP stealing your vote
.A Perfect Storm For The North: Localism, devolution, cuts and the big society
.The Breakthrough Tea Party
.How Should Political Parties Adapt To The Changing Internet
.Breakthrough Northern Ireland
.English Language Skills: What should their role be in the immigration debate?
.The Future Of Civil Liberties & Human Rights
.Europe's Crisis: What role for Britain?
.Europe: Changing the terms of debate

Just in passing, this one could have been lively:

"BBC World Have Your Say Live Broadcast"
But everything has been sorted out;)

I also want to know if there are any Irish speakers regularly reading the blog; if you are one can you please just mention it in the comments?


Dilettante said...

I'll try to attend the Tea Party, Perfect Storm, Breakthrough NI and BNP ones at least.

GGN said...

I regualrily read this blog and am Irish speaking - whilst i enjoy the blog in itself - i look at it mostly for the blog rolls which let me keep an eye on alot in an instant.

O'Neill said...


Check your emails.


Good! I only needed the one!
Couple of links on the next "Elsewhere" you might be interested in (especially the author of one of them;))