Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Was Scotland's result or their fans more embarrassing?

Oh dear.
Fair to assume Robin Galloway doesn't reside on the intellectual wing of the Tartan Army:
"IT'S only right that the stadium rings with a cacophony of boos.

I hope we boo so loud no one can hear that dirge.

What do the people of Liechtenstein expect?

Of all the tunes in the world they could have, it just has to be the same tune as England's?

I think they've chosen it deliberately to wind us up."
Yes, of course they did.
Poor Gordon Peat has now attempted to clear up the mess caused by the idiots:
George Peat, the acting chief executive of the Scottish Football Association, has described last night's jeering of the Liechtenstein national anthem as "disgraceful" and issued a public apology.

The Liechtenstein anthem, which has the same tune as God Save The Queen, was met with audible derision by some members of the Scotland support ahead of last night's match at Hampden Park, which Craig Levein's side won 2-1.

Peat said: "I was embarrassed and extremely disappointed by the disgraceful behaviour of some of our supporters during the Liechtenstein national anthem at Hampden Park last night.
In the modern football age of CCTV and "in your face" stewarting, it wouldn't be that difficult to identify at least the worst culprits. Then, it's a simple matter of banning them from future internationals- Mr Galloway would be a good, high-profile start.


tony said...


C'mon Oneill it may be the height of bad manners to boo another country's national anthem but advocating banning them is crassly idiotic. I guess your next plan would comprise of banning guys for booing players..............raising yir voice..........standing up for longer than 5 seconds......ffs I am only in my thirties but I remember a simpler time when fitba was fitba and Rangers only got 0-0 draws because somebody missed their penalty *sighs*

O'Neill said...

No, I'd leave it at racist/sectarian/homophobic chanting and abusing opponents' anthems. When it's a large proportion of the crowd involved, I admit it's an impossibility to remove everyone but it's not that difficult to isolate the "cheerleaders" from the sheep.

The feet of the moronic DJ, in this case, shouldn't touch the ground on the quickest way out of the exit of not only Hampden (forever) but also his job.