Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And today's proposed referendum is...

...not to hard to guess what, if Dan's the man doing the proposing:
A Tory Euro MP has called for a referendum on whether the UK should stay in the European Union, describing it as a "major" constitutional issue.

Daniel Hannan said this had been "repeatedly promised" by several prime ministers but never delivered.

The decision by MPs on Monday to hold a referendum on UK electoral reform strengthened his case, he added.

The coalition government has promised "no further transfer of sovereignty" to the EU during this parliament.

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have also agreed that any proposed future treaty to increase Brussels' powers would be subject to a referendum and that ministers would bring in a Sovereignty Bill to ensure that "ultimate authority remains with Parliament".

But Mr Hannan, an MEP for South East England, said incremental changes since the UK joined the Common Market in 1972 had been so thorough that a repeat of the previous "in or out" referendum, held in 1975, was necessary.

'More demand'

He said: "The EU doesn't just bound forward in great treaties. It's confidently moving forward every day.

"I think there's an awful lot more demand for a referendum on EU membership than there is for a referendum on the voting system."
But public demand, principle or pure and simple logic do not appear to be deciding factors at the minute when considering which topics our politicians will permit us to have referendums on.


The petition and more information about the campaign can be accessed here.
Tim Montgomerie's take is here.
The quibble I'd have is over the bold and unsubstantiated statement that it is "the referendum Britain really wants"- how do they know?

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Dilettante said...

Ech. I do with governments would stop using referendums. Apart from maybe the Liberal Democrats none of them actually believe in direct democracy, and it just unleashes cans of worms like this.