Monday, September 13, 2010

UK Olympic Football team confirmed by UEFA, unnamed FA official and Harry Harris

Bearing in mind this is from Harry Harris, a journalist whose grip on reality and truth can be tenuous at the best of times:
UEFA have given the green light for Great Britain and Northern Ireland to field an Under-23 football team for the first time in the Olympics.

High-level talks will take place this week to finally decide whether England will go it alone or whether it will be a team drawn up from all the home countries.

But either way an Olympic football team will be fielded for the first time by this country.
Wrong. A British team, not only competed in, but actually won the Olympic Football tournament in 1908 and 1912. Also, the opinion of UEFA, as the organising body solely for European football, is of much less importance than that of FIFA, the worldwide body. Those two rather important, points aside, reading the rest of the article, this seems merely to be a case of putting more indirect pressure, before this week's meetings, on the N.Irish, Scottish and Welsh FAs. There have been no new directives or mixed messages on the topic from Blatter for some time now.

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