Monday, September 13, 2010

Quote of the day

Fraser Nelson in The Coffee House:
I know Coffee Housers have a variety of views about immigration, but London’s wonderful diversity is one of the main reasons I love the city. Like New York, it has a melting-pot character. I know this is a lot better for those who employ immigrants (as barmen, plumbers, nannies, etc) than those who compete with immigrants for jobs. It has its downsides, as well as upsides. But one such upside is that Britain's capital has become the new Rome of the globalised world - with incredible music on offer, and we've probably overtaken New York as the world's capital of visual art. As Joseph Roth said about pre-war Berlin, the City has become its own capital. London's musical and cultural scene is so vibrant precisely because it houses the world's talent. And this is why all those flags make sense: because to be British is to embrace the world
With the hindsight of history, I'm not sure we want to go far down the road of those comparisons with Rome or pre-war Berlin... but, yes.

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