Wednesday, September 22, 2010

UK no longer worst place to live in Europe!

From The Daily Telegraph:
Only Ireland fares worse than Britain in an updated quality of life index for Europe compiled by, as the republic has fewer hours of sunshine, a higher retirement age and lower public spending on essential services.

Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy at, the price comparison website, said: “Last year compared with our European neighbours we were miserable but rich, this year we’re miserable and poor.
So the British Isles, a worst place to live in than...Albania? Moldova? Belarus?

Apparently so not:
Last year’s league table of 10 leading European economies - assessing income, prices, working culture and public spending – put Britain in last place.
So, wouldn't "British Isles worst place to live in amongst the 10 leading European economies" be the more truthful headline?


Timothy Belmont said...

Little wonder, if we were deemed the "worst" in Europe (dependent on the terms of reference)!

The rest of them have bled us dry, sponged on us, we've invariably played by the rules, unlike many of the others who ignore or turn a blind eye to fisheries regulations etc.

O'Neill said...


That theory wouldn't explain why the ROI is below even us in the ladder.

I blame the rain!