Monday, September 27, 2010

The electorate will inform you if and when the tide is turning

Labour's claim to have 20,000 Scottish members, made at the leadership hustings in June, was exposed when the UK leadership results showed there were only 13,000 members in Scotland. Nearly 3,000 less than the SNP.
If I had been the SNP spokesman, I'd have left it there; SNP revealed to have biggest party membership in Scotland after Iain Gray revealed to have possibly been telling porkies. A clean, self-explanatory point briefly and well made... but oh no, instead SNP Chief Spinner Bruce Crawford decides to head off on a fantasy tour of his own:
"With the SNP now the largest party in Scotland the political tide has really turned."

Scottish Labour revealed to be (*shock* *horror*) incompetent/liars is not the same as the political (ie electoral) tide turning in your favour.

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