Monday, September 27, 2010

More powers will be great for Welsh Labour and...well, Welsh Labour.

WELSH Labour’s big hitters are swinging behind the "yes" campaign in the Assembly powers referendum, believing it will help the party win a majority in devolved elections shortly afterwards.
...Welsh Labour will be supporting the "yes" campaign for the benefit of the party and...
The election of a Conservative-Lib Dem government in Westminster pushing through cuts to public spending has also dampened the anti-devolution instincts of many Labour MPs.
... to give Westminster a bloody nose and in a far and distant third place....
"The message I am going to have in the referendum is that we want to move to a system that’s cheaper, more effective and better for the people of Wales. It’s a small change, in a way, but it will make things cheaper and better."
... because it might make things "cheaper and better".

How principled.

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