Monday, July 12, 2010

Plaid Cymru and SNP to be hung by an anti-Conservative rope?

Are Labour in Wales getting ready to give Plaid Cymru the old heave-ho?
LABOUR is burning its bridges with Plaid Cymru but is on track to form a minority Assembly Government, according to one of Wales’ leading political experts.

Richard Wyn Jones, director of Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre, believes Welsh Labour is successfully carving out a niche as a defender of Wales against the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Westminster Government.

He expects Plaid Cymru will lose ground in next year’s Assembly election and does not think Labour’s rivals will form a three-way coalition. Based on last month’s polling evidence, he expects Labour to win 30 seats, Plaid 12, the Conservatives 11 and the Liberal Democrats seven.
A Conservative/Lib Dem/Plaid Cymru coalition broached here is a possibility, but I guess not a strong one- so, Labour again, is set to be in control in Cardiff?
"It seems to me Labour is very quickly carving out a particular niche in terms of the message: ‘We are the defenders of Wales against this Government which is potentially alien to the values of Wales."
"Alien to the values of Wales" would be defined in which way, I wonder? How would "Welsh" "values" differ from those existing, for example, in NE England and Scotland?

I mentioned last month the risks involved in Scottish Labour taking too strident an anti-Westminster (or English, if you prefer, line), same scenario may well also apply to their comrades in Wales.

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