Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Justice for Sunbed Operators NOW!

Never let it be claimed that the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission isn't addressing the fundamental issues(pdf) causing distress and turmoil at the heart of our society:

This is a Briefing Paper on a proposed new law to regulate sunbeds, which is currently being discussed by the Northern Ireland Assembly.

The Commission examines whether a proposal to prohibit sunbed operators from giving out their own information on the health effects of sunbeds is acceptable under human rights law protecting freedom of expression
By the way, it's interesting that the details regarding Monica's World Tour Diary have finished at the end of March. There is a funny story in that connection involving NI's Human Rights' Ambassador, an errant volcano, a luxury Mexican seaside resort and er, "Gender Justice"... but I think I'll keep it for a rainy day;)

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