Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some technical advice required

It seems now that everytime I post up a YouTube video on here, a fair chunk of the right-hand side is chopped off. Works fine on "preview", so why not on the site itself?

Any ideas?


Lee said...

In the code you will find numbers which define the size of the video. They are usually 640 and 395. There are two sets of them in the embed code. Simply change these numbers. I usually just divide by 2 to make it 320 by 193 but they end up possibly too small and there is room for them to be a bit bigger.

Norman Rogers said...

Ah, this comes up again and again.

I set my content to exactly 600 pixels wide, and YouTube sets their videos for a tad bit more than that.

Follow the advice above from Lee--do a little math. As long as you keep the proportion numbers in line, the video will embed nicely. Most blogger platforms accept a width of about 500 pixels though.


O'Neill said...