Friday, May 28, 2010

UK rights for UK citizens? Yes, but...

Last year alone, women in Northern Ireland collectively spent over £1 million to travel to England in order to have an abortion. Why?
As the law stands, no woman in Northern Ireland has the automatic right to abortion. This includes women who've been raped, victims of incest and women whose baby has been diagnosed as profoundly disabled or will not live at birth. Women in England, Scotland and Wales are entitled to a legal, safe abortion on the NHS and have been for the last 40 years. Women in Northern Ireland do not have this right
They weren’t even given the right to watch the following advert, earlier on this week, as Northern Ireland was the only part of the United Kingdom where it was banned:

British citizens in Northern Ireland being denied the rights enjoyed by British citizens in the rest of the United Kingdom; a clear case of discrimination the few remaining "liberals" in the Unionist political establishment would want would have thought so anyway.


Timothy Belmont said...

Taking it from a secular viewpoint, it must surely be hard to defend the fact that women must still travel to the Mainland to have their unwanted pregnancies dealt with.

It's not something I hold strong views about myself, though I think it seems a bit unfair.

Why should Northern Ireland be treated differently to any other part of the UK?

Gary said...

Something I as a Unionist have been asking myself for as long as I can remember!! I put it down to poor leadership and a lack of will to face Ulster Nationalist and Irish Nationalists down.