Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birds of a feather all roost together?

The first day and indeed a clear message being sent out:
David Cameron and Nick Clegg sat side by side on the first day of the new Liberal Conservative coalition government, which the Prime Minister hailed as a "new start" for politics.

But Northern Ireland's sitting MPs, including new Alliance East Belfast MP Naomi Long, sent out a clear message to the new government by joining Labour and the Scottish and Welsh nationalists on the opposition benches.
That "NI MPs oppose government" (minus the definite article) headline also rings true.


Dilettante said...

What exactly is the message? They aren't part of the government, so they sit with the opposition. The only disappointment there is Ms. Long, who clearly values being another irrelevant 'definitely not a unionist' Northern Irish MP to partaking in government.

O'Neill said...

"They aren't part of the government, so they sit with the opposition."

They could go on the cross-benches, so I think a message especially on the part of the DUP is being broadcast.