Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why don't you give up yer aul sins for St Patrick?

Courtesy of RTE and Brown Bags film:

"We'll have to let the man from the TV go now, I'm sure he's dying for a cup of tea".
I'm sure he is.

Unless you're heading up to the Traditional Holyland Riot, have yourself a smashing day.


Timothy Belmont said...

Have the CCTV cameras been installed at the Holy-land yet?

O'Neill said...

Not sure, but I doubt they'd make much of a difference Tim. The little darlings can usually rely on their daddy and mummy to get them off from whatever punishment they should be getting for their vandalism.

Two students launched a racist/sectarian attack on the local church where the Roma from the Lisburn Rd had been given shelter last year. Lo and behold father is a well-known QC, lo and behold they get off with a slap across the wrist for being naughty boys.

Anyroads, less of the negativity, enjoy the day!

tony said...

And a happy Paddy's day from the diaspora to the real McCoy, Oneil!

Ya begrudger ye.

O'Neill said...

Don't begrudge anyone having a legal good time even...pause for thought...your good self;)

Might even try it myself later, if I can find a big enough green wig!

Anonymous said...

Nice one O'Neil.

All going very well down here, hope the same can be said up there.

Enjoy the day.


O'Neill said...

Thank you Rory. Had a very pleasant evening although it's got to be said that there's no hangover like a Jamesons' hangover!