Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More dosh disappears down the devolved drain

Management Consultants - stealing the WAG's watch in order to tell it the time...and charging the UK taxpayer 10 million for the priviledge:
THE Assembly Government came under fire yesterday for spending £11.2m on external consultants.

It was revealed yesterday that in 2008-09 alone nearly £10m was spent on management consultancy services.

The disclosure came a day after the Auditor General estimated that the public sector in Wales will see budgets cut by £1.5bn over three years from April 2011. Last week it was discovered that the Assembly Government spent £3.8m on external legal advice in 2008-09.


Anonymous said...

Do you think the whitehall departments don't do exactly the same?

O'Neill said...

Quite possibly...but that doesn't make it right for the devolved administrations to follow suit does it?

Anonymous said...

Neither does it make it a product of devolution as your headline claims - it is a product of how government is done at every level.