Thursday, March 25, 2010

We're all doomed and earlier even than Alex had threatened...

I'm taking this as an early April Fool:
Robert Tyler, visiting professor of British history at Westminster College in Fulton, Mo., Great Britain (Fulton, Mo. Great Britain???)

"It threatens the unity of the United Kingdom itself. It is not inconceivable that by the end of this year, the British state is kaput."
Jeez...that soon?
"The purpose of the Scottish National Party is to provide complete Scottish independence," he said. "It has promised the Scottish people that by November this year, they will be completely independent from Great Britain."
Yep, that soon.
""I don’t think this has come to the minds of the British people yet."
I think you may well be right there.
Some of the reasons for this shift include the dominance of conservative politicians in the English parliament.
Wildgoose, your wildest dreams have been granted, albeit by a slightly less than well-informed academic in the US of A.
"Conservative government won again, again, again and again," Tyler said, "and they obviously got tired."
English politicians have selected people from England to represent their individual countries in the English parliament, fueling a desire for independence and sovereignty.
There's a parallel constitutional universe out there it would appear.

A bit more on Professor Tyler, a Fulbright-Robertson Visiting Professor in British History, no less, can be found here. The kindest thing you can say, really, is that one hopes he's been misquoted.

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wildgoose said...

Not so much an April Fool as a January, February, March....