Sunday, March 14, 2010

I think that should be "hidden vertically challenged individuals"...

It does a whiff of the Labour Dirty Tricks department about it and if true, it's all a bit childish...but still, it did make me smirk:
The Conservative leader is said to have made a remark about "hidden dwarfs" whilst discussing a photograph of himself and Mr Sarkozy, who is seven inches shorter than him.

The disclosure comes after it emerged that George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, also made a quip about the French president's stature at a conference hosted by The Spectator.

George Osborne's little joke about Nicolas Sarkozy puts entente cordiale in jeopardy Mr Sarkozy, who is 5ft 5in, is understood to have made an official complaint to the British government after Mr Osborne made a show of removing a stool from behind the lectern at which he was about to speak and joked it was the "Sarkozy box".

The jokes, made within three days of each other, led to French officials approaching their British counterparts about it, according to a claim made on BBC 2's Newsnight.
If it truly has put the Entente Cordialle in jeopardy, then quite possible it wasn't that strong to begin with?

They claimed that Mr Osborne and Mr Cameron had "failed to show sufficient respect" for the French head of state, who is notoriously sensitive about his


tony said...

If you can't see that slagging off foreign leaders is the height(no pun intended) then you truly are a lilliputian small minded wee tadger.............oops a bit of the old etonian's aboot me ;¬)

Seriously will the English trust these jumped up 6th form public schoolboys to run their empire. As the days go by I become less convinced.

O'Neill said...

I think (if true, don't forget the Labour Spin Machine is in full election mode) it was very childish.
So, I can see the problem.

I can also see that Sarkozy is full of his own pomposity, so I do find it also funny in akind of snigger behind the teacher's back way!