Thursday, November 19, 2009

You scratch my back...and the Montblanc stays

Gordon Brown failed to include any of the legislative measures recommended by the Kelly Report in the Queen's Speech; notwithstanding 30 grand lunch allowances and hotel video channels, the main relevance of the Kelly Report to Northern Ireland is, of course, the end of double/triple jobbing- "the banning of MPs sitting concurrently in devolved legislatures".

There are presently 16 Northern Irish double/triple jobbers- all nine DUP MPs, all five Sinn Fein MPs and two of the three SDLP MPs. In contrast, all Conservative and Unionist MPs elected next year will be required to be full-time MPs.

Putting two and two together...

Jonathan Isaby is raising the possibility here of a grubby backroom deal between the Dupes and Brown, they get the chance to fight another day as semi-detached MPs in return for supporting him in the event of a hung-parliament arising from next year's election.

Sound plausible?

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