Friday, November 27, 2009

Quote of the day

Philip Davies MP:
"The biggest threat to the UK does not come from Scotland, but from England. If the Secretary of State does not do something to stop Scottish MPs voting on legislation that applies only to England whereas English MPs have no decision-making influence on Scotland, or something to make the funding formula fairer to England, the threat to the UK will come from England."

And on second reading, Jim Murphy's reply was actually pretty solid.


tony said...

The SNP of course do not vote on English only matters.

I'm not sure a two-tier system is the way forward for Westminster, but the status quo is unfair.

wildgoose said...

Pretty solid? On what grounds? Philip Davies made a point about England and the response was to first sneer about Davies' Euroscepticism and then talk about Scotland, thereby deliberately avoiding answering the point that Davies was making.

Pretty solid? Pretty pathetic more like.

O'Neill said...


The introduction of the concept of "responsibility" (along witht he appeal to Davies' own, I presume Unionism) worked well I thought:

"...additional accountability and the holding to account by the people of Scotland of the Scottish Government not only for what they spend, but for how the money is raised"