Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm back!!!

Yes, I know a bit like Arnie in The Terminator it seems I've never been away but the last couple of months have been comparatively slow here due to work commitments, extended holidays, exploding computers and the like.

All now sorted. My three rolling links sections (Friends of the Unionist, Nationalist Insurgency and Other Favourites) have also been updated; they total over a hundred blogs, although you will need to click on the blue "Show All" at the bottom of each section to get to read more than just the last five updated.

Just a final quick thanks to the folk who send me in links and articles via email; keep it up, it's much appreciated and anyone else who feels the urge to do so, please you go right ahead- address is on the right.

And that's it for my 1506th post, heads down for the next 494:)


Timothy Belmont said...

Greetings, O'Neill, and keep up your fine blog!

Any political commentary I'd make would be merely superficial compared to yours; but, rest assured, I keep a close eye on it daily. :-)


tony said...

You've no been doin too bad for being 'away' So in that spirit I will expect you to outdo yirsel. Considering the good quality and wide ranging of threads over the last few days, I doubt you'll do it.

O'Neill said...

Thanks Tim!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with it!