Friday, November 20, 2009

The Future for England?

On Wednesday evening "The Future for England?" conference took place in one of the rooms at the Palace of Westminster.

There were four speakers; George Monbiot (Guardian newspaper and environment campaigner) , Peter Facey (Director: Unlock Democracy), Paul Kingsnorth (author of 'Real England: The Battle against the Bland') and occasional communicant of this parish, David Wildgoose (vice-chairman The Campaign for an English Parliament).

Paul Kingsnorth and David Wildgooses’ speeches are now up at the English Parliament website here and here. Kingsnorth, who would be positioned on the left of the political spectrum has the kind of provocative piece I wouldn't really have expected of him about England’s "cultural mess", whilst David continues on the federalist theme most of you here will have first read on Open Unionism and also laments the democratic deficit present today at all levels of political life.