Friday, October 30, 2009

And that would appear... be that:
The Chief Rabbi of Poland, Michael Schudrich has said that the controversial Polish politician Michal Kaminski is "today against anti-semitism".
If the Chief Rabbi of Poland says it, I'm not sure how much farther this particular allegation against Kamenski individually can go...
Speaking on the programme, the rabbi said that Mr Kaminski, an MEP for Poland's Law and Justice party, an ally of the Conservative Party in the European Parliament, was a "complicated person".
Yes, I think we've gathered that by now.


tony said...

Not commented on this much but the obvious conclusion is that those of the extreme right to whom anti-semitism would be meat and drink, have bigger fish to fry in the shape of Islam. I remember several years ago putting this argument to the likes of Vance of ATW and his extremist sychophantic cronies, it was met by disgust and faux horror. As if eh?

O'Neill said...

Islamphobia is not a major problem in Poland and E Europe generally due to the lack of Muslims, that leaves time for a whole lot of other nasty "phobias" for the likes of Law and Justice however that will sooner or later come back to bite the Conservatives on the bum.

tony said...

Sure Oneil.....................but now that former ' Jewish pale' countries like Poland are enthusiastic contributers to NATO and send troops to places where they are attacked by Islamic insurgents or insurgents who just happen to be Muslim. Like I said bigger fish to fry.

Interestingly, almost through readins Nial fergussons 'war of the worlds' He makes several insightful remarks highlighting just how anti-semitic Poland was, mentioning also the several polls in the US pre1941, some condemning the Nazi treatment of Jews, most supporting suppressing Jews. Having conversed with the deranged US contributers to afore mentioned site and wanabee right-wing demagogue owner the pro-Jewish veneer is probably strategic.

Do you think it is inbuilt into some people that they need a target of hate, a focus to vent their ill will at? Doesn't have to be the extremes above, look at the irrational anti-scots tirade that Wildgoose for example is on. In the abscense of credence, it makes me wonder.