Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quote of the day

David Maddox is not a great fan of the cybernats:
The Nationalist window is distorted by daily rantings of supporters as badly as if not worse than the integrity of Labour was damaged by McBride and Draper simply because of its volume.

A reader of many of these blogs or the web comments on Scottish newspapers' political stories would conclude at different times that Nationalists are bullies, filled with hate, anti-English, anti-semitic and obsessed with a 13th century world view.

So while Alex Salmond trots around the globe trying to explain that his party is unlike most nationalist outfits and is interested only in "talking up Scotland", his anonymous supporters on the web portray the SNP as something akin to the BNP.

The obvious question then is why then does The Scotsman continue to allow comments on their articles?
There is also an obvious answer (ie higher online reading figures means higher probable advertising revenue), but isn't it a tad hyprocritical then to complain about the outpourings of bile and hatred if you've set up and continue to supply the very main stage which allows the social inadequates to perform on?

Full article may be read here.

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tony said...

Pretty sad stuff O'neill!

Not even the worst enemies of the SNP or the so called "cyber-nats" could put credence to these comments.

You are a champion yirsel at trying (and usually failing) to discredit the SNP. Not quite Scottish Nationalist bastards ate ma dug type comments, but near enough. Yet I doubt if your attacks have ever stooped to such ludicrous comments as Mr Maddox.