Friday, May 29, 2009

England is (Team) Great Britain

There you go:
"THE four home nations today struck a deal which would allow an England football team to represent Great Britain at the London 2012 Olympics.

A joint letter from the four associations was sent to FIFA this morning saying Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland would have no involvement in the Olympic tournament but would not prevent an England team from doing so.

The deal will have to be ratified by FIFA before it is officially confirmed.

As revealed by PA Sport last night, last-ditch talks between the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish FAs yesterday led to a breakthrough in the long-running saga.

A source at one of the three associations told PA Sport: “All four associations have signed a letter of intent and that has gone off to FIFA.

“The letter says that we, the three home nations other than England, have not changed our stance but as England are hosting the Games we believe it is possible for them to play under their own auspices."

...everybody happy with that?!

Apparently not. Christine Grahame has ever so slightly over-reacted, I'm sure the SFA will treat her resignation demands with the respect they deserve.


DG said...

I, for one, am fuming.

O'Neill said...

In a perfect world I would be too.
But in a perfect world we wouldn't have Sepp Blatter in charge of international football.

Kelv said...

As a Welshman, I'm very satisfied with the decision, and is the best possible compromise for all parties.

Hen Ferchetan said...

Yep, agree with Kelv. Let the English play. I love the fact that they say this was the result of intense last-ditch talks when the Welsh, Scottish and N.Irish FA's had said that this is how they saw it happening a year or two ago!

Chekov said...

I think it sends out a diabolical message to conflate England with Britain. But that said, with my GAWA hat on, better a diabolical message than an end to four separate UK teams

Wyrdtimes said...

Team "GB" will get no support from me. As far as I'm concerned any Englishman that plays for any team other than England is a traitor.

tony said...


Too late pal England is GB, conflated or not. Trying to mess with this reality is like trying to take the Irishness out of Paddy's day. Wait a minute has Belfast not tried that?

Anyhow the SFA have provided ammunition to all of those countries who resent all of the separate places our nations have. They should have vetoed this, perchance there has been political pressure brought to bear. No matter this is not going to wash in Scotland, I reckon heids might roll.

GB go to hell!

That felt good.

wildgoose said...

Chekov is right, it is yet more conflation of England with Britain. Fine if you are a Unionist "Greater Englander", not so good if you aren't.

Chekov said...

They'll have a bit of trouble keeping match fit between internationals when you're in charge then.

Chekov said...

That was to wyrdtimes.