Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Conservatives at-tech Darling?

Don't know if they managed to pull it off...
Chancellor Alistair Darling: the Conservatives will offer a 'live rebuttal' of his budget speech. Photograph: Reuters

The Conservative party will attempt an audacious online ambush of Alistair Darling's budget today, buying up Google keywords and directing internet users to its "live rebuttal" of the chancellor's speech.

Budget-related Google keywords will be bought up by the Tories as the chancellor mentions them in his speech from 12.30pm, in an online advertising campaign the opposition is dubbing a "live rebuttal" of the government's economic plans for the coming year.

When web users put budget-related keywords into Google's search engine, they will be directed towards online ads for the Conservatives.

Each ad will direct the public to the Conservative party website, linking through to a Tory response to Darling's budget.

...but it's certainly an impressive plan. Heaven knows what kind of'll be getting up to come the General Election.
It's going to be fun;)

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