Friday, March 6, 2009

SNP's Arc of Insecurity?

A MOTION attacking Nato put down by an SNP back-bencher has reopened party wounds over membership of the international defence organisation.

Jamie Hepburn put down the motion to mark Nato's 60th anniversary, saying that now the Cold War was over "it serves no useful purpose".

The SNP spokesperson would appear to agree:
"The SNP advocate European defence co-operation and a Scotland free of nuclear weapons; our policy is the same as the position of Austria, Sweden, Ireland and Finland."

Drop the nuclear-free red herring, the important part there is the mention of those last four countries, none of which belong to NATO. The Scottish Administration is divided on the issue; MacAskill, Russell in favour of remaining under the NATO umbrella- Sturgeon and Cunningham wishing to leave it and it's this uncertainty and indecisiveness which is dangerous especially in the crucial area of defence. As Murdo Fraser, deputy leader of the Scottish Conservatives points out:
It is all very well forming a half-baked policy to appease the lunatic fringe of the party when in opposition, but now the SNP is in government, they really need to outline a coherent approach."

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Stonemason. said...

"half-baked" and "lunatic fringe" .....

..... they go together so well,

we have them in Wales too .....

The "half-baked" and "lunatic fringe".

excellent post.