Friday, February 27, 2009

Conservatives and Unionists get down to business

Both the Conservatives and the UUP have affirmed their commitment to the establishment of a new, modern, dynamic political and electoral force of Conservatives and Unionists, open to everyone who shares our political values, dedicated to bringing Northern Ireland back into the mainstream of British politics.

Both the NI Conservatives and the Ulster Unionist Party, held meetings last night to ratify the the report from the Joint Committee. With the joint agreement of the report both Parties will now be campaigning jointly in the fortcoming European and Westminster elections as Conservatives and Unionists.

The Report will be published later today at a joint Press Conference at 12.00 Noon when Owen Paterson MP and Sir Reg Empey MLA will be summarising the key elements of the joint report. I hope to do some kind of analysis myself later on today.

The new Conservatives and Unionists website can be found here.

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