Friday, April 18, 2008

Poots delivers another nail to the Maze coffin

I've just seen this, imagine if there had been no devolution in Northern Ireland, we wouldn’t have had Edwin Poots as our Culture Minister coming out with gems like:
Mr Poots: professional players — some of whom are leaving Northern Ireland to play for other countries — (will) remain in Northern Ireland and play to the best of their abilities for their local team should the stadium be built on the Maze site.

That’s right Edwin, build the Maze and the Gibsons of the future will be playing for Northern Ireland and not any other country which deigns to give him a passport.

The Maze saga is thankfully coming to an end (you can read all about it here and here), but if you want an example of why, despite the almost continuous propaganda and lies of the NIO, the local political establishment and their subservient lapdogs in the Belfast Telegraph, UTV and the BBC, this project has been laughed and subsequently completely blown out of the water, please read again that statement from Edwin.

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Chekov said...

Edwin has now decamped to the US for a short sojourn with the stated intention (among others) of securing Northern Ireland a friendly with those giants of world football, LA Galaxy. Because that’s what the GAWA have been missing Edwin! I appreciate I should try not to resort to abuse and simply present reasoned arguments, but what a jug eared gimp!