Saturday, March 22, 2008

Paxman and the Union

This man has always been a wind-up merchant of the very highest order but I really do believe he's hit a raw nerve this time.

Having said that, I'd agree with his main contention- the Union is not the main topic of conversation over the typical English family's breakfast; nor, sorry to shatter the feverish wet-dreams of the more deluded wing of Irish nationalism, is the future of Northern Ireland...the typical Londoner has a bigger problem coming to terms with the fact that he's supposed to share the same land-mass as the Scousers and the Geordies than the ten-bob a week he has to contribute to the Norn Iron Welfare fund or Salmond's latest wind-up.

The truth is that it's not apathy which generally kills off the status-quo or the established political order- why do you think Salmond and his Sinner soulmates in Northern Ireland spend so much time and effort making their petty provocative, yet ultimately meaningless gestures?

I'm presently reading Paxman's book,"Anatomy of a Political Animal"- thoroughly recommend it.

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