Sunday, March 23, 2008

"British" Government to downgrade British flag

Public buildings, including job centres, schools and hospitals, are to be encouraged to fly the union jack and other national flags to boost national identity.

Ministers will this week announce the lifting of restrictions on flag flying that have been in force since 1924. They will allow public buildings to erect flagpoles and fly the union jack and national flags, including the cross of St George, the Saltire of Scotland and the red dragon of Wales every day.

At present, flying national flags from public buildings is restricted to 18 days a year, which include the Queen’s birthday and Remembrance Day.

For the life of me, I can’t think why such a law would have been passed in 1924, anyway...
The government is also expected to scrap rules which state that the union jack must take precedence over all national flags.

As the United Kingdom still takes "precedence" constitutionally over England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, then so should its flag.
At the moment the flag of St George must not be flown in a superior position to a union jack and may be flown only on government buildings with two flagpoles.

Difficult, although not impossible, to fly two flags from one flagpole, although I don’t think that’s what they were really getting at there...interesting though that’s it’s the English flag which has been used as the example; Brown has bowed to the inevitable here, having surrendered ignomiously to the SNP in Scotland over this issue, then as a Unionist he could hardly then impose a different set of rules in different parts of the Kingdom could he?
Could he?

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