Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yet another Irishman slaughtered in the name of "Ireland". Was Ireland consulted?

If the only the island itself could talk at times like this and tell those Irish who murder other Irish (and dare to claim it on its behalf) what it really thinks of them.

Two posts on the subject this morning are well worth the read; Dilettante's and this from Mike Nesbitt:
I am no Gordon Wilson; I cannot find it in myself to say any kinds words about the killers. They planned this murder and took the life of a 25 year old who was making his way in life, in public service.

To the murderers, I say this: You probably call yourselves Irish patriots. I am British, but I am a still a better Irishman that you will ever be. And you will never be half the man you murdered.

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kindofnormal said...

Those murderers don't deserve to call themselves Irish. They've brought shame time and time again to those of us who are Irish. I don't want to be associated with them in any way. Ronan Kerr's murder was not done in my name, and it's about time that those people who did what they did are given their proper name: murderers. They're not heroes, or patriots, they're scum.