Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Unionist control of information-outflow now total in Scotland

A typical nationalist response as to why younger Scots are disconnected from the political process:
Maybe if the MSM gave a balanced account of what was truly going on instead of the one trick Unionist pony the kids would show more enthusiasm.

You Prof and the other London luvvies in "Scottish" Media distort things so much it is little wonder kids are not interested.
Ah right, the old "Unionist MSM lulling the Scottish Youth into a British false-consciousness" theory.
How many under 24s do you know now rely on the MSM for their news, "balanced" or otherwise?

I think the fact that Unionist Junta has also banned access to the internet for all Scots has much more to do with the lack of enthusiasm for Scottish independence and politics generally amongst the younger generation.