Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When even the DUP insults have ceased... can it get any worse for the UUP?

Traditionally you could always tell that an election was in the offing in Northern Ireland by watching the pattern of the DUP's press releases- they would be balanced delicately by, on the one hand, various party luminaries calling for "Unionist Unity", whilst on the other, their colleagues would be simultaneously tripping over each other busily a-slammin' and a-blastin' the UUP.

The fact that (as of today) the last current 20 releases from the DUPes contain nary a whisper of "The Protestant People Demand Unity" (block capitals would have been invariably added for max effect), never mind the slightest hint of a "slam" or "blast" of their "partners" in Unionism is perhaps the worst  possible indictment of the "threat" now posed to their communal hegemony by the UUP under Tom Elliott.

Confidence is now apparently so high that even "Smashing Sinn Fein" is off the cards... a none too subtle message also then for both Martin McGuinness and the TUV Ultras.

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