Saturday, March 5, 2011

Plastic patriots costing 80k a year

My initial thought is that any true red-blooded patriot wouldn't be seen dead waving a plastic flag anyway:
THE Scottish government have spent £300,000 on plastic flags since coming to office, it was revealed yesterday.

The SNP administration ordered almost 150,000 Saltires to be handed out at national events.

But last night there was anger over the "profligate" spending - equal to three junior nurses' wages during the time the Nats have been in charge.The flags have been given out to councils for use on St Andrew's Day, Scotland Week and Burns Night.
Second thought is that if a true red-blooded patriot is forced to accept a free plastic flag, then they should be expected to keep it in pristine shape for the next hooley...and that, to be fair, is kind of borne out by the decreasing figures:
In 2007/08, the incoming SNP administration ordered 79,800 flags at a cost of £173,750. This was a jump of more than £41,000 on Labour's spending the previous year.

Since then, they have ordered a further 40,000 Saltires for £89,600 in 2008/09. The following year they bought 30,000 more for £52,200.

In all, they have spent £315,850 on 149,800 polyester flags in the past four years.
The funniest bit in the whole piece?
The current order was placed with a Canadian company, RR Donnelley.

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Toque said...

I have a couple of FOI requests relating to this (see here & here).

It will be interesting to find out how much the UK Government spends on England flags. My guess is somewhere around £200.