Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh FFS...

The piece preceeding actually hits pretty well the targets it sets out to hit... but open up the comments and inevitably in rush the cybernat loons.

At no time have I ever visited either Ibrox or Parkhead, however neither can I ever recall having seen any Saltires within the crowds (or outside the venues) at these matches on TV - plenty of Union flags and Tricolours though!

Make no mistake about it this malaise is a product of and sustained by the Union. Come Independence it will be seen for the historically anachronistic, irrelevant and destructive force that it is. Deprived of its sustaining forces it will wither away.
Come the Glorious Day and the Celtic and Rangers bigots will awake from their false consciousness and exchange their centuries-old engrained sectarianism for a civic, secular, independent Scottish identity?

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