Friday, February 11, 2011

Tis the season to say "yes"...

Dear God, a headline to make the heart truly sink:
Alternative vote yes campaign hitches itself to royal wedding

Campaigners for voting reform argue that the referendum on 5 May will take place during a more optimistic period

The yes campaign in the referendum on introducing the alternative vote for Westminster elections is planning to capitalise on the royal wedding, six days earlier, by arguing that it is "a time to be optimistic and say yes".

Campaigners for change have been struggling with the impact of Prince William's wedding to Kate Middleton on 29 April, before the referendum on 5 May. That week also includes a bank holiday. But now they think they have a solution: proclaim it the season for saying yes.

"We will put all the arguments, but around the wedding it will be a coming-into-summer, more optimistic, more of a yes mood," a campaign source said.
So, we'll be changing our voting system because we feel all... like... summery, romantic and fluffy stuff like that??!!!
A spokesman for the yes campaign last night said it would not seek to exploit the royal wedding in any way.
How about instead you go away and please take your silly referendum with you?

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