Sunday, February 13, 2011

RTE causes outrage by comparing Sinn Fein to cheesy 80s teen flick

First time I've linked into the Inishowen News:
BUNCRANA Mayor Pádraig MacLochlainn has blasted as ‘silly’ an RTE sketch poking fun at Sinn Féin’s past by displaying images of guns and bombs.

The three-minute segment, aired on RTE’s 11th-hour programme on Tuesday night, showed images of SF general election candidates Pearse Doherty and MacLochlainn smiling to the sound of 1980s dance tune, 'Fame', with the words - ‘Remember our Name, Sinn Fein’.

Voters were urged to think before giving a first preference to Sinn Féin’s MacLochlainn or Doherty.

"When you're in the polling station, make sure you remember Sinn Féin,” the sketch said, before flashing up pictures of mortar bombs, Northern bank notes, a burnt-out car and automatic weapons.

Donegal North East candidate MacLochlainn said the sketch was a cheap attempt to undermine Sinn Féin.

“It is very clear that there is a huge swell of support for Sinn Féin and this sketch was a clumsy attempt to damage the party. It was plain stupid and will end up backfiring," said Cllr MacLochlainn.
Less of those "blasts" and "backfiring", Pádraig, people might get jumpy:
Pearse [Doherty] and I have articulated our policies clearly,” he added
Like this?:
“The IRA has been on a ceasefire since 1997.
Dunno, "ceasefire" seems kind of "temporary" to me, sure that's the policy you were wanting to articulate clearly? 

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