Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gerry struggles on the credibility count

Someone once said (was it Anthony McIntyre?) that the typical Sinn Fein voter would "happily assemble at Dunville Park for the three o'clock spacecraft to take them to a united Ireland" simply because Gerry Adams had told them it would be soon arriving...

He'll probably pull through in Louth but still, it's good to see that even Sinn Fein voters in the Republic are not quite so sheep-like  in their allegiance as their Northern counterparts:
Only 35pc of Sinn Fein supporters believe he was not a member of the IRA
... which is actually not far off the rest of the population's percentage (27%) who think Grizzly doesn't speak with forked tongue.

More importantly:
By contrast (to Fine Gael), Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein are consistently rated as least trustworthy in their ability to deal with all issues.

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