Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Everyone at Welsh Labour is proud of the fact that we are operating a political operation totally impervious to the skills of the US diplomatic corps."

That, from a Welsh Labour spokesman, has got to be one of the best responses to an embarrassing Wikileak. The poetic comedian continues:
"If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find us, maybe you can hire… Welsh Labour."
Not so sure his/her HQ will be so pleased with that line... but anyway, this particular cable does present a few more interesting titbits and chuckles than the previous SNP and Paisley ones.

For example, I'm shocked to learn that one of my very favourite political  characters, Peter Hain is indeed revealed to be a "bit of knob" and furthermore that devolution is "weak and troubled in Wales".

Also this:

However, Aled Edwards, one of the All Wales Convention Commissioners, gave a different interpretation to Poloff on July 30. He agreed with Parry's (Sir Emyr Jones Parry, the head of the Convention) assessment that the Welsh do not understand the relationship between powers devolved to Cardiff and those that remain in Westminster. But while he agreed the current system was untenable, he said the Convention was leaning towards the view that it would not be worthwhile to hold a referendum on an issue that people do not truly understand.
..or "care about", he might have added.

This is on the Conservatives' potential attitude to the referendum (bearing in mind that Bourne reckons he enjoys 'good relations" with Cameron and is also a proud pillar of the self-serving Devolution Establishment) however seems unnecessarily apocalyptic:
With Labour and Plaid still in power in Cardiff through 2011, popular opposition to Westminster could lead to support for a devolution referendum. A "yes" vote in a referendum would have to be approved by Parliament in Westminster, however. The Conservatives, wanting to assert their opposition to the "breakup" of the union and perhaps wanting to guard their right flank from the recently strengthened British Nationalist Party and UK Independence Party (reftel), might block the move. In Jones' view, this scenario could lead to a significant crisis in the UK's fundamental political structure.
"Jones" being Richard Wyn Jones the director of the Welsh Governance Center at Cardiff University.

Why is Welsh Devolution Important? ----------------------------------
Welsh devolution poses a particular challenge. If the Welsh vote for their own parliament, the Welsh, Northern Irish, and Scots will continue to send MPs to Westminster to vote on legislation affecting all of the UK. However, the English, who represent approximately 84 percent of the UK,s population, will not have any voting rights on devolved issues in the other three home nations
So, implying that Welsh devolution is important, not only for Wales but also England and ultimately the future of the United Kingdom?


Anonymous said...

Bourne a "proud pillar"? Is that a typing error. Hisc support for a Yes has decided me to vote No.

O'Neill said...

It's only a typing error if you think I'm also a proud devocrat....and I'm not;)

Hen Ferchetan said...

You forgot to quote this part of the cable:

"Despite the fact that the Welsh now almost uniformly support current or greater levels of devolution"

Got to say though every one of the things this Poloff guy is supposed to have found out from his great mingling with Welsh political types was reported in the Western Mail, sometimes on the exact same day as the cable was sent!

O'Neill said...

Whoever it was from welsh labour came out with the quote in the title is the star of the whole piece!

I'd probably ammend your first quote to:
"Despite the fact that the Welsh. who are actually aware or care that there is an Assembly in existance, now almost uniformly support current or greater levels of devolution";)

Hen Ferchetan said...

I'm just quoting the American embassy ;-)

I don't think I need to remind you again though that the Assembly is held in much better light than Parliament these days!